Badock Alumni, how well do you remember your end of year summer-ball experience? While it was no doubt a night that created many memories and completed your first-year experience of university; it has, over the years, grown in its excitement, attendance and ambition. 2015 saw the first amalgamation of the Badock Ball and the Wills Summer Ball to create one event, twice as large – The Founders Ball. Hosting up to 1200 guests from all over Stoke Bishop it has been momentous in bringing the halls together to create a more intricate community.

Since the committee various each year there have been a variety of themes including a ‘Circus Theme’, with a big top tent, and, the most recent, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Ferris-wheels; dodgems; a variety of music, including a silent disco, and; smaller entertainment stalls add to the variety of entertainment featured at the event.

From the champagne reception before dinner through to the silent disco into the early hours; the entire night proves to be a wonderful experience. We would like to thank you for your previous attendance to Badock Hall and the parties it hosted which has helped us to continue to develop the entertainment hosted here; leading to such an un-forgetful evening.

The BHA are very proud to be sponsoring this year's 2019 Founder's Ball, and are contributing funds in order that this event can be a truly memorable event for students of Badock Hall and those across the University.


Badock Hall is lucky enough to boast its own studio theatre, complete with stage and lighting rig. Every year, our first year students put on a variety of performances, from farces to tragedies, managing to fill the space with good humour during rehearsals whatever the style of production. This amateur dramatics society provides our students with the opportunity to get involved in something both fun and rewarding, no matter their previous level of drama experience; something which few halls can claim to offer.






In the last two years alone, Badock students will have produced and performed four plays, which tend to run for three nights, free of charge. This allows any current or former student to attend a brilliant evening, donating any money they wish to the cast and crew’s chosen charity. In 2015, Peter Schaffer’s ‘Black Comedy’ was a great success, and 2016’s ‘The Children’s Hour’ by Lillian Hellman was described as having ‘universally excellent’ acting, with very ‘clever use of props and staging’. Praise such as this is testament to our students’ hard work, dedication and talent, giving them the confidence to continue to work together and have fun on future Badock productions, and likewise on any projects during the rest of their university career. Indeed, this spring, we hope to showcase a double bill of short comedies: ‘The Bear’ by Anton Chekhov, and ‘The Virtuous Burglar’ by Dario Fo.

We’d love to see some Badock alumni faces at future productions, and/or to hear about past productions when you were a fresher!


Being part of the JCR committee is both interesting and fun.  It will take time but the committee learn new skills and are instrumental in developing all aspects of Hall life each year.  The JCR function as a cohesive team led by the President and Vice-Presidents and a large part of its role is the organisation of social events and parties.  However, beyond that it has a role in facilitating the play, encouraging other cultural, educational and sporting activities, and developing a sense of community.  All the above it is aimed at ensuring that every resident’s time in Badock Hall is positive and memorable, and make being part of the JCR committee a rewarding experience: those who have contributed in this way in the past have nearly always looked back on the experience fondly.

JCR Committee duties:

    •    Act as a link between the resident Badock students and staff.
    •    Set a good example to other members of Hall.
    •    Handle responsibly and account for expenditure of the JCR funds.
    •    Ensure that sufficient funds remain at the end of the year to support Welcome Week the following term. 
    •    Provide updates to facilities over the summer vacation and give the incoming JCR a reasonable working float.
    •    Assist the SCR with student social matters.
    •    Organise varied social, educational, cultural, sporting activities.
    •    Ensure that each activity is properly organised and agreed with the Warden prior to confirming arrangements.
    •    Encourage charity fund raising.
    •    Pass on student body recommendations to the Hall Senior Staff, via the Hall Advisory Committee.
    •    Represent the student body at Hall Advisory Committee meetings once a term.
    •    Be present at all Formal Dinners.
    •    Provide financial support and assistance for all major Hall events (drama, musical, ball).
    •    Take joint responsibility for ensuring proper clearance of the hall premises after events and activities. 
    •    Be known to all resident members of Badock Hall as a point of reference (photos on notice boards).
    •    Communicate with other Hall JCRs and the Student Union
    •    Represent Badock Hall students and their concerns at the Students Union. 


Badock Bar is a lively, light hearted place, filled with good music and spirited students. With clusters of tables and chairs, laid back sofa’s, bar stools and an impressively stocked bar - featuring everything from premium bourbon to classic double mixers, draught beer and even the famous Badock Bomber Cocktail. It is the perfect place to spend an evening having a relaxed beer with friends, a subtly competitive game of pool or round of Cards Against Humanity or get your night started with predrinks in a spacious room that caters to all your social needs. 

Our friendly bartenders have been expertly trained in the art of pouring three jagerbombs at once, curating the ideal playlist and giving you a serving of good humour. Silent discos, quiz nights and televised sports are some of the events held here, equipped with a specialised DJ booth, high tech sound system and versatile lighting sequences. Open every night, Badock Bar is sure to be the highlight of your evening.